The University of Western Australia

5th Asia Pacific Conference on Educational Integrity

Educational integrity: Culture and values

Proceedings 5th Asia Pacific Conference on Educational Integrity

The University of Western Australia
26-28 September 2011

Contents: Full papers

Subhash Appanna and Sam GoundarDeregulation and control in international education: What happens in private training establishments in NZ?1-9
Jo Badge, Margaret Green and Jon ScottInvestigating the use of the Plagiarism Reference Tariff10-20
Tracey Bretag, Saadia Mahmud, Margaret Wallace, Ruth Walker, Colin James, Margaret Green, Julianne East, Ursula McGowan and Lee PartridgeCore elements of exemplary academic integrity policy in Australian higher education21-29
Frances A. GaynorAcademic integrity and the transition to higher education: Curriculum design for initiating a scholarly apprenticeship30-38
Margaret Green and Gisela van KesselAcademic integrity as a university responsibility: What is the readability of your policy?39-45
Sue Hrasky and David KronenbergCurriculum redesign as a faculty-centred approach to plagiarism reduction46-58
Robert KennellyThe educational integrity of unit satisfaction surveys59-65
Hwee Ping Koh, Glennda Scully and David R. WoodliffThe impact of anticipation on accounting students' ethical decision making under time pressure66-81
James K. W. Lee and Lee PartridgeEvaluating the effectiveness of educational and academic integrity initiatives in higher education82-86
Jennifer Martin and Karen van HaeringenCan a policy change practice? An evidence-based approach to developing policy87-95
Chukwunenye Clifford NjokuEducational integrity in policy implementation and practice: A virtue for african students and leaders for development96-104
Anna Armeini RangkutiAcademic cheating behaviour of accounting students: A case study in Jakarta State University105-109
Julie Reis and Jenny KlotzThe road to loss of academic integrity is littered with SET: A hypothetical dilemma110-120
Raymond SinghA student-centric approach to promote academic integrity121-126
Craig Whitsed and Douglas ColbeckA tale of two cities: Implementing a developmental approach to academic integrity in two Australian universities127-137
Nadya Yakovchuk, Jo Badge and Jon ScottTowards a culture of academic integrity: Staff and student perspectives on the potential of honour codes in the UK138-151

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Atkinson, R. J. & McBeath, C. (Eds) (2011). Educational integrity: Culture and values. Proceedings 5th Asia Pacific Conference on Educational Integrity. The University of Western Australia, 26-28 September. Publisher: The University of Western Australia and Asia Pacific Forum on Educational Integrity. URL:

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